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At the 21st Conference of Parties (COP) in Paris, France, 2015, worldwide nations signed the historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change and delivered their national road map to reach their target on carbon-emission reduction and to combat climate change. President Joko Widodo has also stated Indonesia’s new target in reducing greenhouse gasses emission by 29 percent under business as usual and 41 percent with international support in 2030. This updated target has developed from the previous 26 percent under business as usual and 41 percent with international support in 2020 set by the Government of Indonesia at UNFCCC COP15 in Copenhagen, 2009.


Established by the Government in response to the target set in 2009, Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF) is a key institution in Indonesia’s climate change architecture leading the way to achieve Indonesia’s goals of a low carbon economy and greater resilience towards climate change. ICCTF’s works are supporting the Government in achieving its mitigation and adaptation targets, through the implementation of national and local mitigation and adaptation actions (RAN/RAD-GRK and RAN-API).


Although ICCTF has only become a national trust fund in 2015, ICCTF has been able to distribute fund for climate change programs in accordance with 2015-2019 National Mid-term Program Plan. In 2015, ICCTF received funding and commitment supports from various development partners, including USAID, United Kingdom Climate Change Unit (UKCCU), and Royal Danish Embassy, as well as funding support from State Revenues and Expenditure Budget (APBN) as a commitment of the Government of Indonesia to combat climate change. ICCTF has also been increasing its engagement with other parties, including private sector.


Of course the ICCTF has also the task to distribute the fund it received to the appropriate climate change activities. In 2015, ICCTF funded six programs in locations across Indonesia in line with its focus areas, which are Land-based Mitigation, Energy, as well as Resilience and Adaptation.


ICCTF Board of Trustees realized that 2015 was a promising year for climate change as the world countries signed the Paris Agreement to suppress earth temperature not more than 2 degrees Celsius. In response to this, Indonesia needs to be ready to hold a more important role in reaching that target and ICCTF needs to be ready to be a qualified funding institution to coordinate these international funds for climate change actions.


In 2016, ICCTF is increasing its institutional capacity building as its programs and financial support are growing. In stepping into the future, ICCTF is continuously strengthening itself, together with all developing partners. And we believe, ICCTF is ready to face those challenges.




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The Indonesian Climate Change Trust Fund is a non-profit organization as defined by Indonesian rules and regulations.

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