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What do we do?

The ICCTF focuses on mitigation and adaptation programs based on RAN/RAD-GRK and RAN-API. On the mitigation program, we work on Energy Sector and Land Based Mitigation windows to support NAMAs, Stranded CM, Green PPPs, Climate Partnerships and Small Grant Program projects. Meanwhile, on the adaptations programs, we focus on Marine-Fishery, Agriculture, and Public Health to support Lighthouse, Impact Studies, and Small Grant Programs projects to maintain our efforts on food security, water management, and public awareness campaigns.

Besides the aforementioned priorities, we also focus on resilience and adaptationstrives. ICCTF helps to prepareIndonesia's national and local institutions, and vulnerable communities for the current and future impacts of climate change. We enhance the dissemination of climate information developing and improving the design of adaptation strategies, utilizing appropriate technology and knowledge, and establishing favourable policies to support adaptation activities change.

What differ us from the others?

In conducting our mitigation and adaptation programs, we have our own unique selling propositions which differ us from any other institutions. We are different on the following:

  • Strategic Relevance

ICCTF is the only trust fund that piloting innovative and scalable projects all over Indonesia.

  • Multi-stakeholders Engagement

ICCTF always involve the stakeholders to engage and participate in our project funding, management, and evaluation.

  • Direct Link with National Target

ICCTF is the only trust fund dedicated to support the achievement of national mitigation and adaptation targets.

  • Triggering and Scaling Up Initiatives

ICCTF channels and coordinates both international and domestic projects related to RAN/RAD-GRK and RAN-API. Not only channeling and coordinating the projects, we also upscale the funds.

  • Inclusiveness

The ICCTF Board of Trustee provides strategic directions, approves projects and makes other important decisions related to our actions.

  • Climate Policy Support

ICCTF supports the coordination between private sector interests and public policy objectives to create PPPs and all policies related to risk mitigation and investment barriers.

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The Indonesian Climate Change Trust Fund is a non-profit organization as defined by Indonesian rules and regulations.

ICCTF Secretariat
Wisma Bakrie II, 20th Floor
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. B-2, Jakarta-Selatan, Indonesia
Phone: (62 21) 5794 5760 | Facsimile: (62 21) 5794 5759
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