ICCTF Vision and Mission

ICCTF’s Vision statement

"As Indonesia’s national trust fund, ICCTF will be recognized nationally and internationally as a premiere climate financing portal.”

It is this vision that captures the need for both a scaling up of project activities as much as it directs attention to a new focus on the development of projects that involve stakeholders from the international development partner, public, private, academia and CSO community. This inclusive approach demands active participation in project planning and implementation in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness of climate fund spending.

ICCTF’s Mission statement

Through the development of partnerships with governmental institutions, development partners and private sector,

ICCTF’s mission are to:

  • contribute to efficient and effective actions in GHG emissions reduction and increasing resilience of the country aligned with sustainable development principles.
  • mobilize, allocate and manage funds that are invested in projects and programs compliant with national and international fiduciary standards


This mission is intrinsically linked with ICCTF’s role as a climate finance intermediary to develop both awareness for climate finance while ensuring sound climate policy to stimulate market demand. It evidences its focus on compliance with standards and procedures that enhance effectiveness and efficiency in all its operations. As a national trust fund, the ICCTF applies valuable lessons learned to inform policymakers, empower vulnerable populations and stimulate investments in projects to mainstream climate activities throughout Indonesia.

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Terms of Use

The Indonesian Climate Change Trust Fund is a non-profit organization as defined by Indonesian rules and regulations.

ICCTF Secretariat
Wisma Bakrie II, 20th Floor
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. B-2, Jakarta-Selatan, Indonesia
Phone: (62 21) 5794 5760 | Facsimile: (62 21) 5794 5759
Email: [email protected]

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