Climate change is affecting countries around the globe, with Indonesia being one of the most severely affected countries due to its large number of islands (approximately 17,000), and the communities’ great dependency on natural resources. As an archipelago, Indonesia is very vulnerable to rising sea levels and floods, while erratic weather patterns have the potential to impact agricultural and fishery production which support many communities. At the same time, Indonesia is a significant contributor to global emissions of greenhouse gases, above all in the land use, land use change and forestry sectors as well as in the energy sector. ....Read more

The ICCTF is a key instrument of the GOI in achieving its mitigation and adaptation targets, supporting both RAN/RAD-GRK as well as RAN-API implementation. Through leveraging and channeling of domestic resources and international funds into projects aligned with Indonesia’s RAN/RAD-GRK implementation plan, the ICCTF supports Indonesia’s 26% / 41% emission reduction target.... Read more


We invest in projects and programs with environmental and social benefits without compromising quality, client focus and accountability.... Read more

"As Indonesia’s national trust fund, ICCTF will be recognized nationally and internationally as a premiere climate financing portal.” ...Read more

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The Indonesian Climate Change Trust Fund is a non-profit organization as defined by Indonesian rules and regulations.

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